Thursday, September 22, 2011

 Because of some issues at church and Daddy helping out in the youth room on Wednesday nights, you are now "going to youth." You all start out in the same room but after about 15 minutes Daddy and Mr. Richard take you along with the other 5th & 6th grade boys outside to go play some games and have a lesson more tailored to your ages.  It is quite clear that the lessons are a bit beyond your maturity level but Papa enjoys spending this time with you and LJ. And how do we know the lessons are a bit mature for your age? Well, last night as Mr. Richard was teaching he say, "Well you can't just go up to someone and hit them over the head with your Bible." Daddy said immediately your entire body was taken control by a fit of giggles and you could not stop laughing. Daddy had to explain to Mr. Richard that you had just visualized in your head hitting someone over the head with a Bible. That explanation seemed enough for Mr. Richard to comprehend your behavior. But what I want to know is, who did you picture hitting over the head with your Bible?!?!
Love, Mom

Thursday, September 15, 2011

September 15, 2011

 It is hard to believe that this is your birthday week and soon I will have a child in the double digits?!?! Where has the time gone. I'm not sure but it has been so much fun and work and tears and giggles and worth ever hug and sleepless night it took to bring you into this world!!!! Your heart is still so young and gentle and oh how I praise the Lord still very impressionable!!!

Papa got your birthday present early this year!!! A new skateboard and helmet. And you love it. I am still working on just stopping what I am doing for you to show me a new trick. You are very much into a "Mom let me show you this!" as well as a your room is always mess phase. Let's just hope we don't get into a stinky shoe phase!!!!! But back to that helmet, you wear it A-L-L the time!!!!! And I'm not exaggerating one little bit!!! In fact the other night, right after you took your shower, you walked out of the bathroom with your helmet on !!!! That is what am so thankful for right now in your life!!! The carefree attitude you have. Not concerned with the outside world, just yet. I wonder, can we hold on to you for a couple more years?!?!

Some say we are too protective, and I wonder how can a parent be TOO protective of a child's heart. I want you to fully enjoy your childhood. Fill it with lots of wonderful memories and great expectations of your future. Never forget: "seek first His kingdom and righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well." Matthew 6:33

Oh I almost forgot, today marks the first day that Papa and I will be helping you to read through the bible in 90 days. Papa will do 15 minutes at night and I will do 15 minutes in the morning. I am so excited you are on board with this and can't wait to see where it takes you in your personal relationship with Christ.
Love, Mom

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

September 6, 2011

This last week was a busy week for you!!! You began another year of ballet.and are the only dancer with "experience." Funny to think of it that way!!! You're back to sneaking into Mommy and Daddy's bed at night and showing your very head strong demeanor again at meal times!!! You just get it into your little head that you are not going to do something and there is no changing your mind. Prayerfully we are leaving plenty of room for God to grown your precious heart. Thanks for all the wonderful smiles you gave us this past week!!!
Love, Mom