Thursday, September 22, 2011

 Because of some issues at church and Daddy helping out in the youth room on Wednesday nights, you are now "going to youth." You all start out in the same room but after about 15 minutes Daddy and Mr. Richard take you along with the other 5th & 6th grade boys outside to go play some games and have a lesson more tailored to your ages.  It is quite clear that the lessons are a bit beyond your maturity level but Papa enjoys spending this time with you and LJ. And how do we know the lessons are a bit mature for your age? Well, last night as Mr. Richard was teaching he say, "Well you can't just go up to someone and hit them over the head with your Bible." Daddy said immediately your entire body was taken control by a fit of giggles and you could not stop laughing. Daddy had to explain to Mr. Richard that you had just visualized in your head hitting someone over the head with a Bible. That explanation seemed enough for Mr. Richard to comprehend your behavior. But what I want to know is, who did you picture hitting over the head with your Bible?!?!
Love, Mom

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