Saturday, October 1, 2011

October 1, 2011

 What a sweetie you are!!! Last night you asked your dad to sleep in your bed with you. That is a bit comical because it is a twin size bed. You are the only child we E-V-E-R let sleep in our bed with us and now to get you out of that habit we sometimes sleep with you in your bed when either Mommy or Daddy really need a good night rest. It was very cute when I woke up this morning and peeked into your room. All I could see was your Daddy sleeping, not so comfortably and your little feet up on his side. That was all I saw of you, your little feet. How precious you are to us and how you have caused us to break all our rules, lol!!!! I was holding you the other day, and just held you so tightly. I could just barely smell that "baby smell" in your hair. I know you will be 5 soon but there is something about a distinct smell each one of my children have had that faded as they began to get older. Its bitter sweet that is is once again happening to you, my last baby almost an official "child". I'm sad to see these precious days go so quickly. The ones where you look up to us as your everything and yet so excited for you to discover your new every things!!!!!! Yes, God did know what he was doing when he gave me a daughter and you my sweet child are the perfect one for me!!!!!
Love, Mom

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