Saturday, October 15, 2011

October 15, 2001

What a week it has been. You have become excited about TNT again!!!! Your goal was to say 5 sections and although it doesn't look that will happen you aren't settling for just 2 or 3, you are going for 4 and I love that about you. You know you wont get to the 5 sections but you don't think that should stop you from saying 4!!! And you aren't just amazing us with your verses but also in math. We have been trudging along, well I have kept you at a stand still; determined to get you to memorize your multiplication facts. Its been a long hard road. You've not had a use or a desire for them until this week, when you were introduced to division. I thought because you don't have those multiplication facts memorized it would hinder your ability to do division. Not so! My son marches to his own beat!!! Now that you see you can check your division problem with multiplication you are out of the starting gate.

I always forget you have to have a reason. 

Not have to, but that is the way God made your brain function. So now I will try to apply that to the rest of growing you up. Hopefully you can be as patient with me as I have been with you and these multiplication facts!!!!! You are an amazing, strong willed child who I THANK God for giving us!!! You have no limits except the ones you place on yourself and for you that limit is the sky!!!!!
Love, Mom

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