Tuesday, October 25, 2011

October 25, 2011

Only time will tell if you remember the night we went a booing. Mommy was trying so hard to be a cool mom for you boys and step out of my comfort zone. We walked around the neighborhood and finally decided on Mr. Josh's house. We waited in hiding and let LJ leave the treat and ring the doorbell and run to our hiding place. Well we got caught and they didn't think it was a very nice treat. Seems that the doorbell woke up and scared their little girls. I felt bad cause they didn't like the treats you worked so hard on and felt even worse cause it ruined the night for you . I'm hoping to make it up to you tonight by booing Mrs. Eva's house.I'm not sure if this will be a best or worse memory from your childhood but I just wanted you to know that it broke my heart to see you so disappointed. Maybe next year we should try toilet paper instead?!
Love, Mom

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