Monday, August 1, 2011

August 1, 2011

My precious son, what are the odds that you would have the day you had when it's your turn for me to write about. You have the same sense of humor that your father has and boy do we love to hear you laugh with delight!!! Nothing lifts my spirits like the sound of your laugh!!!! You are my most misunderstood child. You have always guarded yourself, don't care for strangers, and have no issue telling others what you think and it breaks my heart to see how you wear your heart on your sleeve and get it hurt so easily. I think I get you so well because you are so much like your dad. People see it as favoritism but I see it as I just get you. Just like tonight, after we came home from the pool and you started having a reaction to something in the pool. When everyone is trying to force you to do this or that or put this or that on it.... I knew I just needed to get you calmed down and let the benedryl kick in. Once I was able to show you that the cool wash cloth would help stop the burning, then I knew I could get you in the tub and the pool water off you. I knew I wouldn't be able to get anything else on your legs and I also knew once I got you relaxed and calm I could also get you back in bed and you would fall asleep. And you did. My heart breaks that you had to go through this ordeal and I actually made it worse with the anti itching cream but so thankful I was able to make it up to you and make it all better.

I'm also glad that you still want me to sing skinnamarink each night. Don't grow up too fast sweetheart and I hope you always think that kisses from girls, except me, are yucky!!!!
Love, Mom

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