Thursday, August 11, 2011

August 11, 2011

 What a week it has been for us!!! You are having a friend spend the night and I pray that this friendship grows!!! You are such a wonderful kid... a little testy but I think you get that from me. Papa says he seems more discernment coming from you. I pray that this is true!!! You have such a strong will that can be used for good or for bad. My prayer is that you will use it to glorify God.

You and your friend went skateboarding and threw the ball around. You are in your element when it comes to these things. Your desire right now is to be a pitcher when you start kid pitch next year. I am certain if you keep working on it, this will be a reality!!!!

You said something sweet at the table about CJ: that you hope she wins the pageant next year. You made sure she didn't hear you and I am glad to see your sensitive side starting to come out concerning your sister and brother. Always remember that God placed you first for a reason and I can only imagine the responsibility you feel at times but know that its for a purpose and God knew you would be the perfect big brother to both JJ and CJ. I know they don't always listen to you, but keep on loving on them and one day you will see just how much they look up to you!!!!! Especially, JJ. I love you so much, sweet heart: more than words can express!!!!
Love, Mom

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