Saturday, August 20, 2011

August 20, 2011

My precious daughter. How tender hearted you are!!! I don't think it matters, so much what is being said to you, but when our voices get stern with you: you just wilt!!!!! I quickly have to look at you and affirm that I still love you and give you a big hug or you will just crumble in tears. This has always been a hard thing to remember because you have two amazing brothers that only understand loud. Had I not grown up with the same tender heart, I would believe everyone else who says you are just being manipulative, but I know that isn't the case. It really hurts you and makes you feel less than special when someone raises their voice at you. It's just the way God made you. (Besides..... you use the charm to get what you want not to get out of trouble; I DO have your number!!!!)

I was always told: "Write down every cute thing your children said OR you will forget them!" I didn't and have forgotten so much BUT not this one:

You had been playing in a blue tub filled with water all morning and I guess too busy having fun to stop and go to the bathroom!!! So as we pulled off your wet clothes you exclaimed: "Oh mommy, the rust is back!!!!"

I love you, baby girl!!!!! Mom

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