Tuesday, August 16, 2011

August 16, 2011

Wow you lost another tooth today and it was a bit of a dramatic event. This is your 3rd tooth but you were so upset about losing it because you were afraid of people making fun of you. Such a tender heart you have!!!

This morning after you woke up, you went into the family room, sat down on the futon, called my name and then patted beside you. How could I not stop everything I was doing to snuggle with you for a moment!!!! These are the times that I adore having you for a son!!!! I get to enjoy the real, honest, no walls up you that everyone else doesn't have a clue about.

You told us today that you weren't getting married, if you wanted kids you were just going to adopt them. At least that is progress!!! A few months ago you declared that you weren't ever going to move out, you were just going to live with us and play video games forever!!!!! Thanks for giving us so much to laugh at, you really do brighten up our days!!!!
Love, Mom

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