Wednesday, August 24, 2011

August 24, 2011

It's amazing to see you stepping out in your faith on your own. You are growing, making mistakes, hitting the mark and when Papa and I relax and let God move in your life: you are bearing fruit!!!! We have started going to Glenn Care again. This is something you don't really like to do, but as a family it is our way of ministering to those in the nursing home who don't have family or friends to visit. At lunch time yesterday I was preparing you guys for our evening visit and talking about how important it is that we not only go but do so with a happy heart. Earlier that morning we had talked about Luke 12:33-35. I was talking about how when we go and visit it makes these men and women feel valued and how God has told us not to forget about the poor, old and sick. And as I was going to continue, you interrupted: "Yeah, and if we go in with a grumpy heart we aren't storing up treasures in heaven are we? Cause it doesn't make God happy if we go but don't want to be nice to anyone."

Yes, yes, yes, you got it my precious child. You are starting to understand that its not what you do but why and how. And you know what, I saw a little piece of your heart soften that day. God is really working in you!! You are working at being a peace maker and doing what you are asked to do without too much complaining. I see it son, we really see it and give praise to the Lord for all he is doing within you!!!!! Keep growing my precious son, keep growing in the Lord!!!
Love, Mom

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